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The 5 factor diet is a bundled diet and exercise plan that may help you lose weight and become more active there are no pre made foods or supplements to buythe s factor diet the happiest way to lose weight drop a dress size in 2 weeks by lowri turner isbn 9781848990388 based on dieting and how hormones play a big part in losing and maintaining weightthe great thing about the s factor diet is it shows you how you can target all these hormones with food alone no drugs no over the counter medicines no weird shakes or bars no starving yourself no eating the same food over and over again instead the s factor diet does two things supports hormone production and optimises their actions factor diet lowri turner on amazoncom free shipping on qualifying offers finally a diet that can promise to put a smile on your face and not just because youre not forced to live on salads lowri turners revolutionary weight loss approach will improve your dieting experience and make it less likely that you will give up and go back to your old eating habitsthis eating program based on the 5 factor diet meredith books 2006 by harley pasternak a best selling diet and fitness expert does just that every recipe contains protein fiber carbs and a little bit of healthy fat so youll never feel hungry or deprived to follow the plan eat three meals and two snacks a day says pasternak

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